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The Warehouse is a space for workshops ranging from arts, literature, dance, food to spirituality. We collaborate with passionate teachers to provide exciting opportunities to learn and create. 


The Warehouse is also a space for gatherings, where every Friday, we invite you to come listen to a set of speakers who have a powerful story to tell. It may be an idea, a discovery, a cause or simply a sharing of life experiences. The purpose is to learn, support, appreciate, be inspired and connect. 


We believe in building the Warehouse along with the community, and hence would love to have you involved as a participant, a speaker, a teacher or a volunteer... or simply to have a conversation!


Take a  glimpse at what's happened at the Warehouse here!

Welcome to the Warehouse!

Thank you all for a fantastic first season!


The Warehouse, more than being a physical space, represents joy and depth that is created and given through inspiration, ideas and knowledge from all disciplines. We are so grateful to have met incredible people through the workshops and gathering nights.


Thank you for your love and support.

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