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The Warehouse is a platform for ideas, inspiration and knowledge, created by people coming together, to either learn, teach or informally share.  The belief is that growth (both personal and professional) occurs through constant learning, exposure to new experiences and connecting with like-minded people, and the Warehouse is a physical manifestation of this spirit.


At the Warehouse, you could learn by doing, and participate in a variety of exciting workshops. You could come for a gathering night and get inspired by people sharing their stories. We are open from Wednesday to Sunday, and the workshops and events we currently have range from arts, crafts, music, dance, food… the genres will keep growing as The Warehouse evolves!


The Warehouse also seeks to be the balance for the virtual world. A real life Wikipedia and Flipboard of sorts where real interactions take place, allowing the ‘magic’ to occur through discussions and meetings.


We believe that Mumbai has an incredible array of things to do, things to learn and a growing society of passionate people doing things beyond the stereotype. The Warehouse is a space that offers continuous opportunities to gain new knowledge and skills, meet interesting people and get inspired by people whose journeys redefine what’s possible in life!





Sagar Apte, Natasha Bharvani, Prachi Chaphekar, Mallika Dabke, Seema Kamble, Rohita Kilachand, Vanessa Lainé, Purnima Sampat, Kiran Seth, Nayna Shriyan, Renelle Snelleksz



(and the list will keep growing as the weeks go by!)

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