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Copper Enamelling is an ancient craft originating from Greece, where glass is fused with metal to create beautiful art pieces. We are excited to have Nayna Shriyan share her passion and skills with you.


“ I joined art school with the idea of learning to paint and then I fell in love with metal. Metal to most people is a hard unyielding substance, but to me it is an amazing medium that lends itself completely to my ideas, be it the warm metallic shine of freshly polished copper or the grainy texture of dense Verdigris.”


"Nature has always played a major part in my inspirations. I am enchanted by the ever changing forms and colours, like the way a fallen leaf will often display patches of green, yellow, red and mottled browns all at once. Deconstructing Natural forms, textures and colours and reconstituting them in contemporary designs is my passion.”


Come over to the warehouse, to spend an afternoon learning this unique craft!



 Rs. 2500

2pm - 4.30pm, 19th July

(All materials included)


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