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About beej


The word beej means seed, the origin of the creative process. This interdisciplinary initiative led by Sanjukta Wagh along with Neha Kudchadkar and Pranali Kakade is to not only disseminate the Kathak form as an invaluable repository of knowledge but to nurture its innate syncretism, to place it within one’s person: body, mind and cultural consciousness by internalizing and redefining this language of expression and at the same time allowing oneself to be defined by it.


Founder Sanjukta Wagh’s extensive training under Smt. Rajashree Shirke in Kathak, Pt. Murli Manohar Shukla in Hindustani Music along with her study of literature and theatre has led to her interdisciplinary mode of work. Her year-long experience at the Laban centre of dance, London has been pivotal in redefining her form and approach. She is a performer, choreographer, writer, teacher and curator but primarily defines herself as seeker.



Beej Performance

Two solo ventures exploring the poetry of Kabir and varied voices from the Varkari Sampradaya, conceived and choreogrphaed by Sanjukta Wagh in collaboration with Hindustani Vocalist Makrand Deshpande and Percussionist Satish Krishnamurthy.

Welcome to the world of Kathak!


Here’s an opportunity to experience the classical form of Kathak in an open class. Suitable for both beginners and dancers who have had prior training, this class offers the opportunity to soak in various aspects intrinsic to the form like tatkaar [ footwork] , anga sanchalan [ body movements], gat- nikas [ the gait ] and abhinaya [ storytelling]. Open to all of age 16 and above.


beej seeks to inculcate in every class the precision and love, which we believe nutures the growth of an artiste at every level.


Anchor 2

Single: Rs. 500*

4 classes: Rs. 2000

7 pm - 8pm, 2nd July


*Rs. 100 discount for college students (bring your ID card!)

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