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4 classes beginning 29th June (Every Sunday):  Rs. 2500


Walk in: Rs. 700

11 a.m to 12 p.m, 3rd Aug

 A unique workshop for Moms or Dads and Babies (ages 2.5 to 6yrs)


My Yoga Baby is a fun, educational and enriching experience for Moms or Dads and their growing up babies (aged 2.5 to 4). New concepts are introduced through Yoga, Dance, Stories and Movement. The class seeks to help toddlers strengthen the bond with their parents, improve interpersonal skills and build muscular strength. The workshop will be conducted by Rashmi Ramesh, who is a trained Dancer and a Yoga teacher. She has been working with children for several years teaching dance, movement, yoga, speech and drama.


“A Yoga World with Music and Poetry,

With Rainbow coloured Alphabets, all filled with Enriching Stories,

With Animals and Birds and all things New,

Grooving to the Music, Breathing and Feeling,

A Yoga World with just Baby and Me..”

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