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Copper Enamelling is an ancient craft originating from Greece, where glass is fused with metal to create beautiful art pieces. We are excited to have Nayna Shriyan share her passion and skills with you.Come over to the warehouse, to spend an afternoon learning this unique craft!

Dance to the music of your own feet, as the rhythm and sheer energy fills up the room!


"Even if you know only a few steps you can enjoy it. It offers a lot of possibilities because you can dance on all  types of music; from jazz to rap. You also can dance without music which makes you a musician!"


Sway your way to this beginners tap dancing class with the talented and 'happy feet-ed' Vanessa Lainé!

Welcome to the world of Kathak!


Here’s an opportunity to experience the classical form of Kathak in an open class. Suitable for both beginners and dancers who have had prior training, this class offers the opportunity to soak in various aspects intrinsic to the form like tatkaar [ footwork] , anga sanchalan [ body movements], gat- nikas [ the gait ] and abhinaya [ storytelling]. Open to all of age 16 and above.

The aerial skills class will introduce participants to the basics of silk and rope (later even the static trapeze); climbing, hanging and much more!


A fun and challenging experience for the body and a chance to experience the anti-gravity thrill!


If you want to 'hang' ... join us! :)  


Dance Movement Therapy integrates the mind, body and spirit. Step away from the mundane and soak in the thrill of enjoying your body’s natural movement patterns 


Come and experience Dance Movement Therapy for yourself with Renelle Snelleksz.


“A Yoga World with Music and Poetry,

With Rainbow coloured Alphabets, all filled with Enriching Stories,


With Animals and Birds and all things New,

Grooving to the Music, Breathing and Feeling,

A Yoga World with just Baby and Me..”


Could you use a little more mindfulness in your life? Begin your week with a fun, relaxed, informal group seated meditation session.  


There will be a 20 min discussion on a topic related to our everyday lives, followed by a 20 min semi-guided group sitting. Hope to see you there!


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